The Dirac08 mailing list

Any question or comment related to use of the Dirac08 program package can be sent to the Dirac08 mailing list, provided you are a subscriber to the mailing list (in order to avoid spam mail - you can subscribe using the link below). Someone (either an author or a user) might give you an answer.

NB! If you use any of the e-mail links on this page:
In your e-mail program you MUST change the three letters "VED" to "@" in the "To:" field.

How to subscribe

Everybody can subscribe to the Dirac08 mailing list. Just send a mail to with Subject:subscribe. All new licence holders will automatically be added to the list.

How to unsubscribe

To be removed from the Dirac08 mailing list again, just send a mail to with Subject:unsubscribe.


The Dirac08 users mailing list archive is available for you.

The old Dirac users mailing list archive for Dirac04 and before is also available for you (last entry May 20, 2008).